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What is Popcorn Lung from Vaping?

A popcorn lung is the scarring of the respiratory airways. This type of disorder is rare and life-threatening. It’s scary to have this disorder due to its non-existent cure. The scary part is that:

The medications available are only to alleviate the symptoms but never to treat the disease — the causes of popcorn lung ranges from genetics up to constant chemical inhalation.  The American lung Association says that vaping can increase your risk of getting a popcorn lung. So, with this looming problem, can we finally admit to ourselves that e cigarettes affect our lungs?


Do Electronic Cigarettes Affect your Lungs?


This means:

There is an absolute link between electronic cigarettes to the health of your lungs. In choosing the lesser evil, you’ll have to choose vape over cigarettes. Although this idea might vary from person to person. Vape users are hooked to vape pens to try to quit smoking. And the best vape pen to quit smoking is Juul.

Juul is somewhere between a gadget and an e-cigarette. It is the closest that you can get to the cigarette smoking experience. The best vape for heavy smokers is the Lost Vape Orion Quest. Heavy smokers usually need higher nicotine rates to mimic the smoking experience. The Lost Vape Orion Quest can house high nicotine rates because of its vast watt output.

The best nicotine vape pen for you is what you prefer.  Most often, papers and reviews will influence you with your choice but hey be original.…

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Best Vape Brands Philippines

The best vape brands in the Philippines are VGOD, Geek Vape, and Aspire. The Philippines follows the bandwagon vape manufacturing since 2012.

Thinking about the best country that sells cheap, but quality vapes? Well, look no further. The Philippines is one of the many countries that houses several good vape brands. Today’s article is all about the Philippine vape community, the best vapes, and more.

What is the Best Brand of Vape?

If we are talking internationally, the best brand of the vape is SMOK. Their products and mods are some of the best in the world. You know that they have gained a reputation when their mods are the best from countdowns.

This is crazy:

But in some countries like the Philippines, they usually adhere to what’s circulating in the local market. Like for example, the Philippine vaping community loves VGOD. VGOD is a local brand in the Philippines. VGOD products are amongst the best vape mods in 2019. But if we are talking specifics about the best of the best in the market, read on below.

What is the Best Vape on the Market?

Marketwise SMOK Stick V8 Kit is the best. Others would argue though:

VooPoo Mojo steals the spot, but nothing beats the draw you get from SMOK Stick V8 Kit. Both devices are spot on in terms of quality. Beginners love them because they are easy to use.

But for the best vape mod for clouds, the award goes to:

The Geekvape Aegis Legend mod. This mod does not overheat even with more prolonged usage. Geek Vape is also a famous brand in the Philippines. You can say that the best vape mod 2019 is the Smok X Priv Mod besting the new best vape mod 2018. This might also be the best tank of 2019. The mod has a whopping 225-watt capacity. Smok X Priv Mod has heat controls so overheating your device will be the least of your worries.

For beginners on the other hand, the best vape mod starter kit would be VooPoo Mojo 80w. This mod is popular in the Philippine’s vaping community too. Vape pens are quite popular in the Philippines due to its size. For Filipinos, the best vape pen is something small and handy. Be cautious though because the Philippines has its law regarding vaping.

Can I Vape in the Philippines?

You can use a …

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Best Nicotine Vape Pen

Buckle up because here comes the best nicotine vape pen in town.

Introducing: The Vaporesso Renova Zero. This vape pen is so small that it can easily slide in pockets.

Don’t we all like a sleek looking vape to smoke on? Are you tired of the usual chunky vape?

It turns out: You can have one. The secret’s out and we are letting you in to some of the best vape pens in town.

What’s the Best Vape on the Market?

The best vape or vaporizer on the market depends on you as the consumer. Meaning, the best vape in the market is the best if it is what you want.

In short:

Everybody has a preference. The best vape mod for you might not be the best for some. So, it is quite inconvenient to announce the best vape for everyone. However, we couldn’t help but agree with the expert’s opinion on what’s the best product out there. After all, they are the experts. So, here are the best types of vape existing in the market from last year up to now:

  1. The Best Vape Pen for E-Liquid 2019

Undoubtedly, the best vape pen or vapor pen for e-liquid this 2019 is the Vaporesso Renova Zero vape pen. This vape pen is known for its compact size but excellent vapor volume.

  1. The Best Vape Pen for E-Liquid 2018

Last year, the reigning vape pen was the Vype ePen 3. This pen is light and compact like a common pen but a tad longer. This is behind compared to the latest model in terms of vapor volume. Still, the best vape pen for 2018 is Vype ePen 3.

  1. The Best Vape Pen Starter Kit

The best vape pen for beginners is the pen brand, Logic Compact. This is perfect for beginners who don’t want to commit yet.

Vape pen prices may vary but you can get a decent vape pen already for 40 dollars.

How about pod vape then? Which are the best pods?

Which Pod Vape is Best?

For the best pod vape system, you can count on: The Jul. The Juul design is somewhere between an e-cigarette and gadget. This Silicon Valley start-up has six flavors to choose from. Also, the Juul gives out the best draw which both vapers and smokers can enjoy. However, there is a dark side of vaping. Many health agencies warn us about …