What is Popcorn Lung from Vaping?

A popcorn lung is the scarring of the respiratory airways. This type of disorder is rare and life-threatening. It’s scary to have this disorder due to its non-existent cure. The scary part is that:

The medications available are only to alleviate the symptoms but never to treat the disease — the causes of popcorn lung ranges from genetics up to constant chemical inhalation.  The American lung Association says that vaping can increase your risk of getting a popcorn lung. So, with this looming problem, can we finally admit to ourselves that e cigarettes affect our lungs?


Do Electronic Cigarettes Affect your Lungs?


This means:

There is an absolute link between electronic cigarettes to the health of your lungs. In choosing the lesser evil, you’ll have to choose vape over cigarettes. Although this idea might vary from person to person. Vape users are hooked to vape pens to try to quit smoking. And the best vape pen to quit smoking is Juul.

Juul is somewhere between a gadget and an e-cigarette. It is the closest that you can get to the cigarette smoking experience. The best vape for heavy smokers is the Lost Vape Orion Quest. Heavy smokers usually need higher nicotine rates to mimic the smoking experience. The Lost Vape Orion Quest can house high nicotine rates because of its vast watt output.

The best nicotine vape pen for you is what you prefer.  Most often, papers and reviews will influence you with your choice but hey be original.

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